About Us

We are a small team of dedicated professionals, who have over 16 years of experience in the oriental rug business. But more then experience, we simply love these works of art and finding a home for each piece of rug that was so intricately created is a joy.


However, starting a few years back, we have seen some major set-backs in the retail market due to slow economic conditions, the demand for luxury goods (Oriental rugs being one of them) has significantly lowered.


Hence, the creation of Sweet Home Rugs(SHR), where we sell rugs directly to our customers by bringing the rugs to them versus having them visit a store. Afterall, the home is the deciding factor while purchasing a rug, how the rug looks in your home is important. Many times what happens is customers buy rugs because it looks good in the showroom display, but when they bring it home they soon realise that it doesn’t compliment their actual home decor. It ends up being a complete waste of time and effort, which we at SHR want to eliminate from our customers busy life.


Quality product is something we take seriously, we ONLY deal with the best rug producers*, from the Southeast Asian to Middle Eastern Region who make rugs made from 100% New Zealand hand-spun wool and 100% Silk  and Cotton, using natural dyes .  Recently natural fibre has been introduced into the market called bamboo silk, an option for peole who may don’t prefer wool.


So from our team to all rug buyers or lovers, happy rug shopping! We believe every home should have at least one Oriental Rug, as nothing can beautify or enhan​ce a character of a home or room better then a suitable rug.