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1. Rug Size (Please Note: that handwoven rugs sizes are not precise, when we say 8×10 it could actually be 7.10 x 9.9 etc..)

2. Color Schemes: usually rugs have alot of color accents to pick from so depending on the rooms color scheme please advise what colors you would like highlighted and background color of the rug prefered.

3. What style your are looking for traditional or contemporary, usually the difference is quite simple the traditional rugs have lots of intricate designs and tightly woven whereas the contemporary rugs have fewer colors with broad, geometrical, or plain designs etc…

4. Material: Most rugs are made 100% Wool weaved onto cotton thread, some may have silk highlights. So if anyone in your home has allergy issues you may consider other options like pure silk or cotton durries.

5.An estimate of your budget (Optional).

Note on Pricing:
Rug prices vary, the cost of rugs depends on the current design, color in demand in the market, number of knot counts and classic pieces. So it is difficult to price all the rugs, for example one 8×10 rug could cost less or more then the other. Each rug cost varies from the other. However, we will work according to your budget and you wont be disappointed by our selection.

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